FM Tracer


Basic fleet management is easy with the FM Tracer on-board computer. With on-board GSM and GPS, support for two digital inputs and optional accessories such as a voice kit, the product gives you just what you need to manage your drivers and vehicles in real-time.

Tracking and Route Replay

Vehicle tracking of position in real-time with ability to view and replay historic routes taken on a digital map.

GPS Data Recording

A variety of information is recorded with every GPS position such as vehicle and driver ID (optional), date and time, latitude and longitude, altitude, heading, speed and the number of visible satellites.

Manage Locations

Add, delete or edit user-defined locations such as customer, supplier, no-go zone, etc. The entry and exit from locations are recorded along with the date and time of the occurrence and the duration spent at each location for precision fleet tracking.

Active Events

Active events are based on active locations, GPS speed and 2 user inputs. Immediate event notifications can be sent via SMS whenever a critical event is recorded. Such events could be when entering or exiting a specific Zone, Panic / Assist button pressed (optional), Battery disconnect, etc.

Backup Battery

As an additional layer of security the FM 3316i is equipped with a Backup Battery, making tracking possible even if the vehicle’s main battery has been disconnected. The Backup Battery starts to operate as soon as the supply to the main vehicle battery is cut.

Downloading to / uploading from vehicle

The on-board modem allows for GSM data calls to the vehicle which facilitate uploading of new unit configurations or downloading of bulk data where GPRS is not cost effective. GPRS can also be used to automate downloads from the vehicle at the end of each trip or to track vehicle movements.

Trip Data Recording

Capture the most precise data for comprehensive fleet management. The following data is recorded: date and time, distance travelled, journey duration, vehicle speed, journey departure and arrival time, location entered / exited, driver name (optional), driver ID (optional) and vehicle ID.

Driving Violations

The following standard violations are recorded: over-speeding, over-revving (optional), harsh braking, harsh acceleration and excessive idling (optional).

Input Events

Two user-configurable digital inputs are available which can be employed to trigger custom events such as cargo door open and panic / alert button pressed.

Servicing and Licensing

Set reminders for your vehicle’s next service or for your vehicle/driver license expiry.

Vehicle Databus Support

When available on the vehicle’s CAN bus, the FM 3316i is capable of recording CAN/J1708 Speed and RPM signals in real time thus enabling some of the most advanced GPS tracking software available on the market. 


A wide range of accessories is available to be connected to the FM Communicator.