Case Studies

Special Applications

The FM 3316 Communicator is extremely flexible and customisable and has the ability to give the customer a good return on investment. From the examples it can be seen that huge savings were achieved by using the Fleet Manager system.

Setjhaba Carriers - Kimberley


By monitoring and controlling excessive idling, the “life time hours” of the Yellow Equipment was extended so that the machines could work for another year before being replaced.

Speed limits were created on the mine with geo-fences.


Assmang - Machadodorp

case3With Geo-fencing and standing times we have successfully proven to the mine that there were excessive waiting/standing times resulting in the payment of penalties by the mine.

Extremely poor road conditions in the area caused a number of tyre losses. We geo-fenced the areas and created lower speed zones

Speed limits were created on the plant with geo-fences


Lonmin - Mooinooi

case6Drivers were speeding on the mine causing damage to the rear axles on the trailers while driving over speed bumps at high speeds. With our location management application we geo-fenced the speed bumps and created 15km/h zones around them. With the proper dissipline, the problem was resolved


Eland Platinum - Mooinooi

case7Eland Plats – Because of the high value of the cargo we were asked to devise a plan to prevent the tarpaulins from being opened unless the vehicle was inside a secure environment. We created a geo-fence with a logic rule and electronic switch that could only be enabled when it was inside the secure zone.


Induna Tippers – Johannesburg


Induna Tippers was working on the Gautrain Project with extremely strict deadlines and high volumes of earth being moved between dumping sites and crushers. There were a number of factors that created delays on the sites like, broken loaders, extremely wet conditions, bottle necks due to poor communication, overloading, no loader drivers, no stock etc. This caused a lot of friction between the companies.


case8We have created a set of logic events to determine when a vehicle was standing longer than 20 minutes at a specific site. When the condition became true, a SMS was sent to the operator. If the problem wasn’t resolved after 40 minutes, a SMS was sent to the Supervisor and after an hour a SMS was sent to the Contract Manager and the Bombela Site Manager. This ensured that the productivity increased substantially and the customer (Bombela) couldn’t always blame the contractor if the tonnage was below target.


case10Because of the overloading problem and inexperienced drivers, Induna had to replace the clutches on their entire fleet. We subsequently installed a clutch sensor to monitor the clutch use and abuse. If a driver kept his foot on the clutch for longer than 10 seconds, the operator was notified via the GPRS signal as a pop-up on the screen. We also created an advanced scoring report to identify the culprits and the Contract Manager and Driver trainer could take the necessary action.